South Park Local - November 19th 2023

South Park Local - November 19th 2023

The morning was a bit drab, but once we were packed and headed out the door, the sky's began to clear, and our 15th pop-up would be underway at South Park Local in San Diego. 

We were greeted warmly by the ladies at Higher Vibrations, makers of magical mocktails and elevated cocktails, and we were guided to our set up location at the corner of 30th and Beech. The event was hosted on the sidewalks and interior of Wicked Fit, strength and conditioning gym. 

The event began at 11AM, and patrons were able to shop for dog treats and accessories, hand-made garments, and much more. We held intriguing conversation with a couple of customers. In one such dialouge, we spoke with Dr. Alexis Farley about the trend within the pacific northwest for zero waste facilities. We learned through that conversation and a little bit of research, that the city of Vancouver holds a goal to become a zero waste community by 2040. A Zero Waste community is a community that supports sustainable resource use, a healthy economy, affordability, vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods, and equal opportunity through the elimination of solid waste. Not only that, but also we learned of Dr. Farley's Liminal Naturopathic services, located here in San Diego.

Another such conversation covered the topic of bidets. In that conversation we learned that one can reduce toilet paper consumption by as much as 80% by using a bidet in their home's restrooms. We do not sell bidets, but this is a strong statistic of supporting low-waste lifestyle. 

The day was a success, and we were delighted to sell several of our holiday dish cloths for the season. Catch us at our next event Friday December 1st 2023 at First Friday Vegan at Grossmont Centre La Mesa.


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